The Well-Mannered Canine Companion

We are so pleased to be able to offer our Good Manners training course integrated with Agility and Rally-type obedience. We use goal-oriented games to teach dogs basic commands. This training course is for anyone who wants to create a better partnership with their dog while having fun.

We recognize you have to be flexible and willing to adapt or modify the teaching process to the individual dog and handler’s unique abilities. We want to help you succeed with and enjoy your dog.

Good manners include:

  • Walk nicely on a loose leash.
  • To come when called, “Come here.”
  • To sit or lay down when asked.
  • To stand on command.
  • Stay in place, “Stay there.”
  • Impulse control, “Leave it.”

Our class will be taught by Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor. Jeanne Joy is a highly acclaimed judge trainer and author. Some of her books include All About Aussies: The Australian Shepherd from A to Z, The Australian Shepherd Judging Compendium, Greasepaint Matadors: The Unsung Heroes of Rodeo, Herding Dogs of the World: 107 Breeds Around the Globe, Miniature American Shepherd Judging Analysis, Form Follows Function: Fact or Fiction, Stockdog Savvy, The Stockdog Savvy Workbook. All About Aussies, now in its Fourth Edition was nominated for a Dog Writer’s Award. Additionally, she is featured in the highly acclaimed training series, Herding I, II, III by Canine Training Systems.

Not only has Jeanne trained and titled her dogs in competitive sports, she also worked with Stacy Moore’s Superdog Agility Shows. They entertained thousands of spectators with Agility and Flyball demonstrations at various state fairs throughout the country. Success in training and competitions eventually led to invitations to exhibit her dogs at various events, fairs, and rodeos throughout North America. Jeanne Joy also performed at the Livestock Expo in Tepatitlan, Guadalajara by invitation from the Governor of Jalisco, Mexico. She has judged the European Championships at the Continental Sheepdog Trials in Germany, as well as presented training seminars all across North America and Europe.

“I got the chance to meet and visit with Jeanne Joy at Terri Carver’s ranch in Brenham, Texas. Terri was hosting a seminar for herding dogs that was being put on by Jeanne Joy. I marveled over how kind and patient she was with each handler, and how each and every dog seemed to respond to her direction and touch. Each of the shepherd dogs loved her confidence and encouragement. The smiles on the faces of both dogs and handlers abounded that day.” – Jim McKrell.